Meet Tara

“Make peace with your past, make peace with yourself, make peace with what is, and find the answers you are looking for….”  Tara Atkinson

Hey everyone, I am Tara and I have been a serial “Personal Development Junky” for over 15 years.  Since 2012 I have become a complete “Workshopaholic” and it looks like that addiction is here to stay!  LOL!

During this time I have been on quite a journey of personal healing and self discovery with beautifully orchestrated synchronicities leading me to this point.

I am honoured to be here and you have my gratitude.

My reason for creating this site and my role in life is to help people like you have more fun and find your way through life’s challenges in the most graceful way.  To enjoy the adventure of life that leads you towards personal mastery.  I want to share with you my experiences, the tricks and techniques that have helped me and are still working for me today.

If anything I share here makes your eyes widen, your ears prick up or your heart sing then please do get involved by leaving a comment or sending me a message.

Achieving mind body synergy and filling my well being tool kit with skills to thrive is my passion and my purpose.  I could seriously talk about these subjects all day long.  Ask my friends, sometimes they can’t shut me up on the subject of the mind body connection.

I welcome you and your input.

A bit more about me (blah blah blah)…

I was born in England in 1976 and raised in Kent, the South East of England.

I was privileged to be born into a mixed race & faith family, my Father being raised as an Irish Protestant whilst my Mother was raised as a Muslim from Kenya and of Indian descent therefore maintaining a number of threads of Hindu tradition and culture.  They were both rebels and that rebel nature was definitely imparted to me.

This was an unusual family dynamic for the very white English town I was raised & provided me with a unique outlook on life.

After finishing school early at age 16 I ventured out into the world to find my fortune.  School was far too slow and boring for me.

I worked in a variety of jobs including an accountants assistant, a bar manager at sea between England and France, then eventually I found myself working in the big city of London as a Computer Support Analyst.  My office life had began.

At age 24, in the year 2000 I moved to Australia in the hope of realising my dreams & finding my place in life.
15 Big City office years later I realised that even though I had experienced many wonderful things in life, I had far from exercised my full potential in the realms of career and personal growth.

And to top it off I had somehow managed to create intense physical and emotional pain along the way.

I had worked in I.T. for 15 years before having what I can only describe as an emotional breakdown.  Actually I think I’d been breaking down for some time but had no idea what to do with that.  I had pain in my body and I didn’t know what to do about that either.  Doctors could find nothing wrong with me.  Slowly but surely my whole identity began to fall apart.  I ran from my feelings because I didn’t know what the hell to do with them.

Eventually I found a path that I could walk and started to rebuild myself up again on a foundation of truth.  All sounds a bit crazy but I know I’m not alone,  Life can be crazy hence why we need all the help we can get.  So I’m here for you as much as I can be.

This started me on a mission to discover relief from my own pain.

I took the frightening step of leaving a so-called safe and secure career in I.T. and trained to be a Professional Children’s Nanny.

After two years working as a Nanny, events transpired that provided me the realisation of my true passions.  They had actually been staring me in the face for years but I resisted because I had so many hang ups.  I was filled with fear and had been living in a state of anxiety for years and had no idea!

After more than 10 years of  personal interest & involvement in the personal development field, it became very clear where my heart lay.

Thank goodness my dear friend (Poh Lin) introduced me to tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) created by Gary Craig, I used this form of healing personally with great results on both physical & emotional pain.

It wasn’t long before my journey to become an EFT Practitioner began, and not longer after I chose to continue my studies under The Skills To Change Institute, with Robert G. Smith and the Faster EFT Eutaptics Coaching System.

Using my passion for life, helping people, understanding how the human mind and body work & a deep desire to unlock the mysteries of life and the universe, I have found my place as a Life and Stress Management Coach & Ka Huna Bodyworker.  I work with individuals from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds & help them release and let go of stress, lingering emotions from past events & limiting beliefs about self and the world, which, when released help people to heal on all levels of mind & body.

EFT & Faster EFT helped me so much that I got over all my body image issues and hang ups about touching other people and being touched.  I now run my own business, Mind Body Synergy, where I work as a Ka Huna Bodyworker, where I specialise in Hawaiian Massage, Healing Philosophy and provide Life and Stress Management Coaching to my clients.  I practice a variety of Emotional Healing techniques both in my personal life and as a practitioner with clients.  I love what I do!

I also teach Lomi Lomi Heartworks Massage so more of us can bring this beautiful form of body work to heal the world.

I teach the massage as 3 day weekend retreats as well as running workshops on Faster EFT & Indian Head Massage.

I love cooking, my cats are Mop Flop, Chewbacca & Little Cat (Yes I am a proud Crazy Cat Lady), my dog is Freyja Fire Goddess, I have a life partner, Julian, who comes with an 11 year old Son who is literally living the life of Ryley, and I could literally talk all day about the Mind Body Connection.

You can check out my other website at

My mission is to share with people how to feel good, have more energy, let go of negative emotions and memories and to create the life they desire.

I’m all about mastering this game of life.

If I can be of support on your healing adventure, I would love to connect.

Leave me a comment below.

Many thanks for dropping by….


Founder & Principal of Mind Body Synergy & Skills to Thrive &