About Ka Huna

Where I learned this beautiful style of massage is now my second home, High Spirits Retreat, check it out you might just want to pay a visit…

What is Ka Huna Massage

Ka Huna bodywork also known as Ancient Hawaiian Temple Massage or Lomi Lomi originated in the South Pacific.

It was used during Rites of Passage as a transformational massage and healing system.

It is a beautiful form of bodywork that provides holistic healing and balancing to the mind~body system in is physical, emotional and spiritual elements.

It is unique in many ways and cannot really be compared to other styles of massage.  Practitioners use their hands, forearms and elbows in flowing movements around the table that could be likened to Tai Chi style movements.

Practitioners use energy to apply soft and deep tissue massage with the use of music to harmonise the experience.

Ka Huna Massage is really an experience, not just a massage.

Check out the High Spirits Retreat link above to learn about Mettes Institute where I trained in Ka Huna, Hawaiian Massage.

Kahuna Massage from High Spirits Retreat on Vimeo.