Buying a Massage Table – For Hawaiian, Ka Huna or Lomi Lomi Massage

How do you choose?

Really the only way is to try them, and sometimes that means you have to buy them, unless you can borrow.

There are so many on the market.  All different prices.  Here’s my guide.  I have only mentioned tables here that I have purchased, owned and have actually used myself.  I can’t claim to be an expert on all tables.  All I do know is my own experiences with the tables I’ve used and to be honest, that is the only way you’ll know too, you must use a few to work out what you like and don’t like.  I find most tables have features that I love and things I really would like to change.  I have yet to find a table that 100% has all the features I really want but a few come close.  I made the commitment to acquire a few different tables of differing costs so that I could decide what features I liked and what I thought was missing.

Essentially you can use any massage table but for those of you who would like to own a table that is especially designed for Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna Massage I highly recommend the following Higher End tables and it is true to say that you do get what you pay for:

Higher End – My Top Picks

Jorgen Sorensen – Hand Made Ka Huna Massage Tables made by Jorgen Sorensen (Possibly only second hand ones available now, I missed the boat buying a new one, so I feel very lucky to have gotten my hands on a second hand one which has prize position as my home table).  The pregnancy hole in the massage table which allows pregnant Mumma’s to lie on their front with their bellies suspended in a sling, held safely in a super comfortable position makes the pregnancy massage even more relaxing, nurturing and delicious.

Jorgen and Mette Sorensen arrived on Australian shores 25 years ago with a massage table and a dream (in 1994).,  Together they created the Mettes Institue of Bodywork and Personal Development, High Spirit Retreat and Tivoli Retreat.  On arrival in Australia and beginning to teach Hawaiian Healing Philosophy and Massage, it became clear that excellent quality massage tables were needed for the students to practice the Art of Hawaiian Bodywork and Massage.  Jorgen provided the solution, with his many years working as an engineer, he was able to design a beautiful, hand crafted piece of furniture that was both stunning and functional.  Made with love, or Aloha.  I can highly recommend these tables but after 20 odd years of making them Jorgen  has moved onto new exciting adventures.  Your best bet is to keep an eye out for a second  hand one.  If you are interested in attending one of Mettes Institute courses or if you would like to enquire about buying a second hand table, you can connect with Mettes Institute at the following website:

Earthlite & Stronglite – My next and other favourite are the Earthlite or Stronglite brand, they make really nice tables, great width, you can also customise the table to be extra wide, include a pregnancy hole and other features too.  I have 3 of these tables and highly recommend them.

Consider Going Second Hand….

Also consider a second hand table – try shopping by brand on eBay, or by specification such as pregnancy massage table or leather massage table or portable or wooden or extra wide.  This may help you narrow down your search and find something really good.  I picked up one of Jorgen’s leather pregnancy tables for only $200 on eBay.  It was probably about $1000 or more brand new.  Real leather covering with Jorgen’s unique pregnancy hole design.

I’ve also managed to purchase 2 Earthlite and 1 Stronglite tables.  My brand new fully customised pregnancy Earthlite Spirit was $1500 brand new including delivery from  The other 2 I purchased second hand from eBay for $100 each.  Each of those tables were probably $700 or more brand new so I really picked up some excellent bargains.

Lower End – can’t say I recommend these as such but I do own some and they do the job very well enough

Firm n Fold – note, these guys do have higher end tables that I haven’t yet tried so it is possible they are really good.  I just bought one for about $300 and it’s OK, it does the job but isn’t my table of preference, it has rounded corners which don’t really work for my massage style, most of my clients arms continuously fall off the table, a square cornered table holds their shoulders up better, giving a better posture for the massage..  I would recommend this table as an easy first purchase but if I could get a second hand table of Jorgen Sorensen or Earthlite brand I would much prefer that.

Aldi – Yes! Aldi sometimes sell massage tables that are OK and will do the job too and a bargain at $125 to get you started.  Go Aldi!

Other Online – no name/no brand from a random internet source – these are just examples, they look a bit like one that I have and I like it because it provides good slide for under body work but the vinyl is cheap and didn’t last long as my mobile table living in my hot car boot.

Second Hand – Personally I’d probably only buy something really good second hand as you can buy cheap massage tables for less than $200.

Do consider the weight and if you plan to do mobile massage you will want something you can lift in and out of you car.  Plus it must fit in your boot or back seat.

Tables with wooden legs are preferred from an earth elements perspective and visually they look nicer although they can sometimes be heavier.

Some cheaper tables are fine but there are a few little nuances that can be a bit annoying.  But if that’s where you must start then that is fine.

I have 8 tables.

1 from Jorgen Sorensen, 2 from Earthlite, 1 from Stronglite (Earthlite Sister Company), 1 from Firm n Fold, 2 from Aldi and 1 from a random internet source.  There are consequences and benefits to each of them.  Please do comment below for a chat if you have questions or want to know more about my experiences with them all.

I rencently discovered this company….

Dr Lomi Lomi

I have never purchased a table from them but I am curious to try one out and will probably buy one at some stage.  I would love to hear your experiences with these tables.

OK, that’s all from me for now.  Big Love to you all.

🌻Tara ~ Mahalo! 🌻

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